WFO Tool Procurement

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If you’re in the market for a new WFM system, Solid Rock’s expertise can guide you to the right product to get you the highest ROI. We can help you figure out which system best fits your needs - no more dealing with pushy sales reps trying to make a sale.


After purchasing a new system, getting it configured to your specific needs can be grueling and eats up precious payroll hours. Use our 20+ years of experience with Verint, Aspect, and other systems to get the configuration right from the beginning and increase your user adoption rate.


Sometimes your team thinks it's time to replace or upgrade a WFM tool before it has come to its actual End of Life (EOL) timeframe. Instead of replacing your existing system, we will optimize it for an easier, faster, and more affordable option. 863.656.1152 | 150 3rd St SW Ste 200 Winter Haven, FL 33880
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