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Training & Development

Understanding the core WFM discipline will lead to greater user adoption of your WFO solution, improved customer and employee experience, and bring with it more efficient contact center operations. 

In these full-day/week workshops we dig in as deep as you feel is needed for your organization and WFM teams.

These workshops take the lecture and Q&A format style of training and turn it on its head! Our workshops are fun, engaging, and something to be experienced.

We include hands-on exercises to reinforce grasping the material in a practical context.  

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Work Force Management & 

Work Force Optimization Discipline Training

Work Force Optimization Solution Training

Collectively our team of WFO experts have over 50 years configuring and training the entire Verint WFO suite of products along with many others. 

Our WFO experts have seen hundreds of configurations giving them real life, best practice, and hands-on working knowledge of the WFO platform resulting in greater user adoption.   

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