Your WFM Solution Alone Can’t Save You 

Build Better Employee & Customer Experience

On the heels of a raging pandemic, enterprises all over the world are asking the question: How do we facilitate better customer experiences while keeping an engaged and empowered workforce? A significant part of the answer is workforce management, also known as WFM. Simply put, workforce management is the practice of ensuring you have the right people (resources) in the right place at the right time to handle customer interactions.  


In this session, a leading contact center consultant will break down four core tenants (Data Management, Forecasting, Scheduling, and Intraday management) of workforce management and show how enterprises can use a holistic WFM strategy to boost customer and agent experiences. 




  • Understanding WFM the discipline vs. WFM the solution and why it matters. 

  • How to ensure your WFM solution meets the demands of your business. 

  • Is your company culture really ready for a WFM solution? 

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