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Solid Rock Consulting is a privately held, Workforce Management consulting firm founded in 2012. We provide proven Workforce Management Optimization strategies to transform our client organizations to achieve peak efficiency. 

Clients engage us from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their workforce operations.


  • 2012  July - Solid Rock Consulting forms

  • 2016 March - Secures first corporate WFM contract. 

  • 2017 March - Expands staffing capabilities, hiring first 5 employees.

  • 2017 April - Opens Cosharing space, landing Department of Children and families partnership. 

  • 2019 October - Transforms business model to support WFM clients more.

  • 2020 June - Solid Rock Consulting lands major WFM contract with leading tech company.

  • 2020 July - Expands WFM staff capabilities, hiring 2 employees.


Integrity: We do what's right for the client even if it costs us additional time and/or resources.

Relationship: When you choose us you choose and benefit from years of cultivated relationships built spanning multiple industries.

Accountability:  We don't just tell you what to do, we'll hold your hand  through the process.

Innovation: We're cutting edge in everything we do.

Execution: We understand that we are only as successful as our clients. It is our goal that your business is our biggest success to date. We are ready to ignite your ideas, streamline your processes and increase your sales. We invite you to check out our reputable client list and raving client testimonials.



Assessments are performed on each and every client regardless of where you are in business.  We perform an in depth business assessment  to  understand you're organizations Systems,  Processes, and People. 


Education is at the core of what we do here at Solid Rock Consulting. It's not just good enough for us to do the work, but we are committed to ensuring you understand the process.


Configuration is next up. Once we've thoroughly assess your specific business needs, educated based on the proposed solution, configuration is next in line.


Documenting processes is just as important as doing the actual work! If a process isn't documented the likeliness of it being duplicated and sustainable is slim. 863.656.1152 | 150 3rd St SW Ste 200 Winter Haven, FL 33880
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